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How to Clean and Maintain Your Composite Deck - Decks & Docks

13 Sep 2017 Once your beautiful new composite deck is installed, you'll need to clean and maintain it to keep it looking its best need to take additional precautions to stop or slow mildew growth because older composite boards were not 

How to Clean and Seal Composite Decking - SaverSystems

You don't have to seal the surface once it's been cleaned, but I suggest you do. If you decide to not seal the deck, you will most likely need to clean it again every year or so. By properly sealing or staining composite decking, you could get 

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Corte LLC wants you to be satisfied with the results of Corte*Clean®. If you are not, Contact Corte LLC A.S.A.P! We can't help you if you don't! not only do we want to make sure every composite gets thoroughly clean, we want to make sure 

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Why Chlorine Bleach or other sodium hypochlorite based products is not Smart for Cleaning composites! Corte LLC I have to clean it once or twice a year to get rid of mildew spots, which are getting worse and worse and harder to deal with.