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He says that a second floor made of concrete would have been better but I don't know many second story houses that have this on the second floor. . Just the laminate and membrane on top of the wood under-layment?

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its seems that even the nicest houses i see with all wood on the entire first floor(even in downstairs AND IF YOU ADD LAMINATE OR wood on the second floor-i guess you should then remove the carpeting from the . Just means they need to do a good job on the subfloors. A/C 1st floor and/or 2nd floor, House, 5 replies; 2nd floor not level- first floor no problem, House, 17 replies 

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20 Feb 2012 You may want to consider using hardwood in the landing /hallways of the second floor and carpet in the bedrooms. I lived in a two story house with hardwood floors and we had a " no shoes" rule for upstairs. We put . No Horse of Your Own? Equine Accessories Can Be the Next best Thing. Full story 7.

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We're looking at a 2 story house that is all ceramic tile on the first floor, (not a bad thing in hot/humid LA. Now, despite my best advice, I can tell you that we as a family simply MUST have carpet, it's easy to clean and soft on 

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We are planning to install wood floors on the 2nd floor and are worried about noise. The 2nd floor has kids Which underlayment offers best sound proofing capability if installed below the wood floor? Can you mention 

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Whether you're installing a hardwood floor on the first or second floor of a building, you need a solid subfloor that No matter what material you use for the subfloor, it must be clean, dry and level before you install hardwood flooring on it.

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Get inspired to choose the best floor type for your bedroom with these dreamy bedroom flooring photos from the experts at HGTV.

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Keep reading to learn about the best flooring options for your second story rooms. The team at floor Coverings Try Laminate Instead of wood. Laminate is a great choice for second story rooms because it is not as noisy as hardwood. To get 

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I'd go with either a layer of cork or polyiso rigid foam. Then a floating floor on top. A nearby residential tower actually requires the cork underlay. The rigid foam will work just as well at lower cost. The float floor can be two 

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Safety and sound issues are foremost in this room, and carpet emerges as the best choice. It cushions kids' falls and takes the noise level down a notch. Some carpet is made from yarn that's virtually nonabsorbent, which allows spills to be 

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2 Dec 2016 Any and all sound practically bounces off of the pristine surface of hardwood floors, especially TV noise. This is only a good thing when you quickly run to the kitchen for a snack in the middle of a mystery miniseries without 

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All are the result of the wrong flooring installed in rooms on a second or overhead floor. Whether you're remodeling or Laminates are durable, good for children's rooms, warmer than hardwood and easy to clean. Unless the laminate comes 

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5 Mar 2017 My first floor is all hardwood, the basement is high end laminate, and my second floor is carpeted. It's long What's the best choice for a master, three other bedrooms, and a hallway? A reconfigured floor plan opens up the downstairs in this Atlanta house, while a new second story adds a private oasis.

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18 Oct 2015 I want to remove carpeting due to allergies and age on second floor over plywood subfloor. Some say wood flooring is worse for allergies b/c dust doesn't settle in carpeting and get removed by vacuuming. I have solid strand bamboo in Carpet HOLDS DUST AND DIRTsolid flooring leaves it sitting on top where you can easily vacuum it up! Is it time to kick the hard stuff? Your feet, wallet and downstairs neighbors may be nodding. Full story 392 · Cleaning Out 

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28 Apr 2014 We have heard that tile is too heavy for the second floor but other advice has been that the weight actually stabilizes the. I was wondering what did you decide on the wood-like tile for the second level of your house? few years, but I am going to consider seeing if I can match the wood to a similar wood look tile. Not sure. It will depend on what we do with the counter tops. best wishes.

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23 Oct 2017 What are the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring in the bedroom? Noise: If it is a second or upper story bedroom, then you may have to be concerned about the transmission of noise There is a bit of a debate as to whether hardwood is the best choice for flooring in children's rooms.

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13 Dec 2011 The same is almost never true for tile, laminate, vinyl or even engineered wood floors. .. My question is: is it possible to take the hardwood floor from the second floor bedroom that is becoming a . We really don't notice the holes any longer and if they do come up in conversation it makes a good story.

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I am thinking of replacing the carpet on the second floor with hardwood floor. will this improvement make the house My wife wanted hardwoods on the second level, but our builder would not do it even when we asked them, which You do need to be on top of vacuuming because everything is visible.

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14 Oct 2013 I am curious to hear the pros and cons on putting hardwood floors at the stairs and upstairs hallway. the entire first floor I have carpet from the stairs to the entire second floor I will like to install wood flooring in the second floor but because is to much money I was thinking stairs See why an engineered wood floor could be your best choice (and no one will know but you). Full story 259.

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24 Jun 2018 Next to carpet, hardwood flooring is the second most popular choice for a bedroom. While it's not as soft as its padded counterpart, hardwood planks do have some yield and are both softer, and warmer underfoot than most tile