can i put patio stones over grass without digging

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12 Jan 2018 . It's possible to lay patio pavers directly on grass without digging, but you likely won't be happy with the results. For a longer-lasting, more.

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Find out how to create an attractive garden path by laying stepping stones, with . at regular, paced-out intervals and sow grass seed around the stones. . Mark out the path and lay all the stones in place to check spacing before digging. . the surrounding soil so that you can mow over them, rather than having to go around.

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Lay a sheet of black plastic over the area and hold the edges down with stones, bricks or your pavers, to kill the grass and any other vegetation that may be.

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If there are no stone yards or quarries in your area, you can order it through your local builder's supply. . Start by laying the flagstones on top of the grass to check spacing and begin to .. As outlined below, dig out about four inches of soil for your gravel base (Image 3), depending on ... Build a Patio With Pavers 11 Steps.

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1 Aug 2014 . How to Install Brick Pavers on Grass - Installing Brick Pavers on Dirt This video is on how to install brick pavers that have been lying around not.

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Lay down a double layer of the toughest, thickest landscaping fabric you can . Add pebbles (or wood chips - free from an arborist) on top of the cardboard, tucking in the edges. . You can lay the barrier right on top of the grass without mowing. . weeds will grow through the tiniest crack in blacktop pavement and concrete.

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Our lawn reinforcement clip on plastic grid systems and mats are ideal for soil, turf, . to dispense with a conventional base when installing Gridforce pavers. . into existing grass without the conventional dig-out and build-up of a sub-base.

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18 Jul 2008 . Laying flat slabs through a grass or gravel area makes a practical path . Lift the slab and remove the turf without damaging the surrounding grass. Dig out the topsoil and any stones to the depth of the slab plus at least 2in.

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It's possible to lay patio pavers directly on grass without digging, but you likely won't be happy with the results. For a longer-lasting, more attractive patio.

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5 Jan 2016 . There's something very off-putting about popping outside to do a . a path for meandering round your patch without churning up the grass. . push a barrow on it, it's enough to dig it out 7?-10cm (3-4in) deep. . If you want paving, lay each slab on to four big blobs of mortar over . How to set stepping stones.

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A paver patio can withstand heavy traffic and requires low maintenance. . When digging, remember that you will be adding 4 inches of paver base and about 1 inch . Use a spade and shovel to clear grass and soil from the work area. . If you need to cut pavers to fit your design, place the paver over the void in your pattern.

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Our new home has a huge pile of older pavers of various widths. Originally we thought we could just lay them and create a patio.. Here are the tiles in front of.

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18 Apr 2003 . I want to build a small informal patio behind my house using some of the . Can I lay the stones directly into the soil or do I really need to dig it all up and . I filled in with grass seed, mosses and creeping thyme, depending on the amount of sun. .. We're going for a natural look, no mortar between stones.

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1 Aug 2017 . Paths you can build in a weekend without breaking the bank or your back. . Also, don't use bark, wood chips or mulch for paths that run through areas with poor drainage or that are wet. . Stepping-stones are the fastest, easiest way to build a path. . Then lift the stone and dig out the grass and a little soil.

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You can get away without edging if you cut into the surrounding sod and it holds a . I just cut the grass as low as I could and set the pavers down on the short grass . Use brick and concrete or whatever, but make a pattern.

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20 Jun 2014 . How to Lay a Flagstone Pathway in an Existing Lawn . This pathway will lead from the edge of a concrete patio, through the lawn, . of your lawn (the top of the ground before the grass blades shoot up). . Readjust sand levels as needed until flagstone lies flat and securely on the ground, no matter where.

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7 Sep 2011 . . other patio furniture. Build your brick paver patio without excavating first for a slightly raised base. . A brick patio can be a one-day project. . construction. Rake the area to even the soil and eliminate rocks, weeds and litter. . Lay 1 inch of bedding sand over the soil to support your pavers. Rake the sand.

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28 Aug 2015 . It is important to estimate the number of stepping stones needed to . The laying can also be carried out on concrete rather than gravel. Steps:

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pavers (stone or cement) set in sand or gravel OR; packed wood chips, . you'll still have mid-day shade without the projectiles, you'll get morning (or . If you're going to put a table and chairs on it, make sure the patio will be . beds and not lawn--unless you don't mind the added chore of trimming grass around tent stakes.

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1 Can You Put Patio Blocks on Top of Grass Without Digging? . Raise the surface of the patio above ground and then fill in with soil around the edge to slope.