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Information about balustrades, hand rail heights and relative codes and how to prevent unsafe landings. any floor, corridor, hallway, balcony, verandah, mezzanine or path of access to a building if it is not bounded by a wall or any level more 

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Balustrades form an integral safety feature of any building where landings, balcony's, stairs or raised floors or surface areas and must conform to or be greater than the minimum standards set out in Part 3.9 of the Building Code of australia.

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9 Jul 2015 Balconies, decks, balustrades and handrails constructed today must comply with the National Construction Code (NCC), which provides the current requirements for new building work throughout australia. An existing 

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australian houses have a timber deck or balcony and about two per cent of these may cause potentially fatal injuries if they . Requirements for balustrades differ depending on the height of the deck or balcony above the ground. For decks or 

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Balconies, decks and balustrades. Issued May 2014 requirements. They will check that if the balcony or deck is fixed to a building, the building can support the structural loads. Part of the design will of people likely to use the balcony and.

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Balustrades, handrails, Fire Stairs and Balconies Upgrades. height Regulations and Requirements. Building Code of australia (BCA) compliance and Requirements for height Regulations. Fire Safety Upgrades Fire Protection Orders Audit

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21 Jun 2016 Ideally I would like to get independent advice on safety requirements for windows, glass, balcony railings and (fire) doors. We don't However, compliance with the Building Code of australia is not retrospective. Under the 

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24 Nov 2015 This article about balustrade safety standards, balustrades regulations and strata liability has been supplied and written by The current Building Code of australia (BCA) requires that balustrades meet a minimum height of 1 metre NSW: Q&A Window Lock Legislation and balcony Sliding Door Locks.

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18 Jun 2014 Specifically, BCA 2012 Parts 3.9.1 (stairs) and 3.9.2 (balustrades) and australian Standard 1170.1 cover regulations to These regulations cover balustrades on stairways, balconies, verandahs and other surfaces between levels. BCA Balustrade Regulations and Standards. By law, a balustrade or other barrier must be constructed wherever the difference in height between one floor or 

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access is provided, any stairway or ramp, any floor, corridor, hallway, balcony, deck, verandah (a) The height of a balustrade or other barrier must be in accordance with the following: NCC 2014 Building Code of australia - Volume Two.

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4 Jun 2014 “Outdoor living is a popular part of australian life and home owners have a responsibility to check their decks New balconies, decks, balustrades and railings must be built to meet the requirements of the Building Code of 

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19 Nov 2013 before new regulations were implemented, and changes made to the building standards from the Building Code of australia (BCA). An important issue is the required balcony wall/balustrade height. Years ago it may have been OK to make the minimum height 850mm to ensure safety and protection.

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8 Sep 2014 Balustrades & handrail Requirements – The Building Code of australia ramp, any flooring, corridor, hall, balcony, verandah, mezzanine or trail of entry to a building if it isn't bounded by a wall or some level more than one m 

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5 Oct 2015 One of the most common searches on this site is in regards to the legal heights of balcony railings and balustrades. Pool Fencing Compliances and Regulations in Different States of australiaMay 30, 2017In "Pool Safety".

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1 Feb 2016 It provides a consistent set of australian building standards in the areas of health, fire, safety and sustainability. Sentrel have provided the relevant Balustrade code here and have summarised some key points below.

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4 Sep 2014 Are new changes in legislation, particularly around balcony safety regulations, enough to maintain a safe living environment? that were constructed before new regulations were implemented, and changes made to the building standards from the Building Code of australia (BCA). An important issue is the required balcony wall/balustrade height and balcony safety regulations.

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The Building Code of australia (BCA) advises that a handrail is required where there is the possibility of falling over one metre or more from a floor or building. In other words, a deck less than one metre (1m) above ground is not required to 

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The Building Code of australia (NCC Volume 1 for Building Classes 2 to 9; and NCC Volume 2 for Class 1 For example, handrails in theatres & cinemas must be designed for a load that is 4 times higher than that required for the balcony of a 

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2 May 2014 railing and an orange steel chair from the balcony were on the ground on the The railing consisted of a four-course brick wall to a height of 0.37 of the Building Code of australia as of 2010 for handrails, which was.

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A balcony balustrade (sometimes referred to as a railing) is a guard or barrier that is commonly made of metal or timber bars. even from very low heights, can be serious; “40% of fatal falls, among children under 15 years of age in australia, 

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10 Jan 2018 In Queensland, we have strict requirements when it comes to balustrades. Where a deck or balcony is one metre or higher above the ground, balustrades need to be at least one metre high. For decks more than one metre 

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The primary function of a balustrade is to act as a fence or guardrail often at great heights and that's why safety is a key consideration in balustrade design and they're are subject to strict requirements. The australian Standards for glass 

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Works for permission to use their Guides to decks and balconies as the basis of this guide. . the Building Code of australia and relevant tops of solid balustrades and fixings at wall junctions which may be loose or not adequately fixed.

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25 Sep 2016 One of the most common searches on this site is in regards to the legal heights of balcony railings and balustrades. The main query we NB: the following relates only to properties in australia. That is both a simple and