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Investigation of Bond Strength and Watertightness of Asphalt

The existing system, consistent with current timber bridge construction practice, uses a preformed waterproofing membrane placed on a preservative treated wood deck overlaid with a bituminous concrete wearing surface. The second system 

B343 Preformed and Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

19 Jun 2014 The waterproofing systems covered by this Specification are intended for use on concrete bridge decks with an asphalt wearing surface overlay. It is particularly suitable for the following cases: • membrane installation is to be 

Membrane Coating Systems - LymTal

Iso-Flex 750 Our standard system, which provides a waterproof wearing surface for parking decks, stadiums, plazas and mechanical room floors. The system utilizes a urethane elastomeric deck coating membrane with integral, urethane, skid 

ASTM C1127 / C1127M - 15 Standard Guide for Use of High Solids

4.1 This guide is divided into two sections which provide design and specification guidelines for the use of a cold liquid-applied elastomeric membrane with integral wearing surface for waterproofing building decks in building areas to be 

Is That Traffic Coating Necessary? - Hoffmann Architects

installing a traffic-bearing membrane is a one-way ticket to . the deck. With a moderate price tag, this class of surface treatments offers a good solution for parking structures that are starting to . concrete as the wearing surface are preferred.

Building a deck over a waterproof membrane Loredana Emmerson

3 Nov 2015 Traffic able membrane: A trafficable membrane can of course be very lightweight and the installation cost may Tiles on deck jacks pedestals: If you opt for a tiles solution you would end up with a very hard wearing surface, 

Deck and Balcony Coating Systems by Rooster Building Group

A poorly built deck or balcony can easily bring about water damage and compromise the foundation of the main structure. Waterproof membrane installation; Flashing systems; Waterproof deck coatings; wear surface replacement; Coatings, 

Waterproof Deck Membrane Used For Deck Skins

Vinyl decking makes a waterproof deck waay better than deck coatings. In this short video Grant Barlow explains what waterproof vinyl deck covering or deck skins are. Thickness is 150 times thicker than the wear surface of most others.

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membranes. • Moisture. Emission. Control. • Mechanical. Room Floors. Waterproof membranes,. decks & Floors waterproofing membrane combined with a tough wearing surface. Specially formulated to protect concrete parking decks.

MRTS84.1 - Annexure - Department of Transport and Main Roads

Technical Specification Annexure, MRTS84.1 deck wearing surface Waterproof membrane primer – Approved products (Clause 6) The nominal size of cover aggregate for Type A waterproof membrane is, mm. The nominal size of cover 

Deck Coating Maint Manual - LymTal

Review the general appearance and cleanliness of the deck coating. • Check for bubbles or bond loss areas in the deck coating. • Inspect areas such as ticket spitters, payment booths, ramps and turns for wear in the deck coating surface that 

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OUR ELASTOMERIC membrane SYSTEMS. Watertight skirt on bridge decks. Waterproofing with a trafficable wear layer. Waterproofing with a puncture resistant coating. wear layer on composite bridge profiles. Waterproofing of 

Bridge Deck Top Coat - Bridge Preservation

Bridge deck Top Coat is a slow setting membrane used on applications requiring an aggregated topcoat. TEMPORARY wearING surface. Can accept highway speed temporary vehicular traffic one hour after installation 

Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks - CT.gov

This expectation is often dictated by the service life of the asphalt wearing surface, which includes one resurfacing of the membranes applied to existing bridge decks than with membranes applied to new bridge decks. Most manufacturers 

Bridge Membrane Installation Guide - Chase Corporation

Royston Bridge deck membrane Installation Guide. This document For assistance in membrane selection, surface preparation, application or . example: If 6” (152mm) wide curb strips and the wearing surface 2-1/2” (63.5mm) deep are.

Membrane-level drainage on highway bridge decks - Civil +

1 Jun 2017 decks and wearing surfaces shall be designed to prevent the ponding of water, especially at deck joints. If the bridge drain inlets are configured to allow membrane-level drainage only and not surface drainage, the flow 

ASTM C957 / C957M - 17 Standard Specification for High-Solids

Abstract. This specification describes the required properties and test methods for high-solids content, cold liquid-applied elastomeric membrane with integral wearing surface for waterproofing building decks not subject to hydrostatic pressure.

Transport and Main Roads Specifications MRTS84 Deck Wearing

Technical Specification, MRTS84 deck wearing surface. Transport and Main Roads Specifications, July 2017. 2. Reference. Title. BA 47/99. Design manual for roads and bridges: Volume 2, Section 3, Part 5: Waterproofing and Surfacing of 

Facing The Challenges Of Plaza Deck Waterproofing Rehabilitation

deck drain assembly. The wearing surface is typically constructed of cast-in-place con crete or mortar-set pavers. The pavers can be stone, brick, or precast concrete. The. 16 • INTERFACE. Photo 3: In many cases, original waterproofing 

Plaza Decks WBDG Whole Building Design Guide

10 May 2016 The fill slab is anything that occupies space on the plaza deck above the membrane and below the wearing surface. Historic fill slabs typically involve the use of graded sand, asphalt material, pea gravel, or a sand-cement 

Waterproofing of parking garage structures with sealers and

Thus, waterproofing of the concrete decks is essential to assure longevity to newly built and repaired parking garages. Previous for high-solids content cold liquid-applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane with integral wearing surface.

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Pecora-deck traffic coating systems are available in both vehicular and pedestrian vehicular traffic. Pecora-deck waterproofing coatings prevent the degradation that . two-component, high-build bonding agent or wearing surface. Used for 

Key - Bridges by Wearing Surface - National Bridge Inventory

1 Monolithic Concrete (concurrently placed with structural deck); 2 Integral Concrete (separate non-modified layer of concrete added to structural (no additional concrete thickness or wearing surface is included in the bridge deck); N Not Applicable (applies only to structures with no deck). 108b Area by Type of membrane.

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Traffic deck Coatings are predominately made up of sealers that soak into the concrete or membranes which cover the surface but Urethane Layer One: Covers the basecoat and holds aggregate that reduces wear rate and provides traction; 

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23 Dec 2015 To protect such an important and impressive new structure, RPM Belgium Group, global specialists in bridge deck waterproofing and wearing surface systems, were consulted and asked to provide their unique Matacryl PUMA