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28 Jan 2014 cost is Rs 150 per pole; 1kg of barbed wire should be sufficient to make 4 rows of wiring between 2 poles. Rs 100/kg weight basis; labor cost. 2 labor can finish 25 pole digging in a day Rs 300 per day * 4 days= Rs 1,200 

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barbed wire. 6,600 ft .037. 244.20. labor (estimated). 39 hr. 13.60. 530.40. Total. $ 1,613.65. Total per foot. 1.22. Table 1. Construction costs for woven wire fence (Based on. 1,320 ft. fence). Item. Amount cost per unit. Total cost. Wood posts 

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31 Aug 2017 Average cost to install a wire fence is about $860 - $1100 (200 feet of barbed or coated wire and a gate In this guide. Other materials needed. barbed wire or razor wire. labor Enhancements Additional Considerations FAQ 

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How much a wire fence should cost. Materials for a four- or five-strand non-electric wire fence can cost $0.25-$1. LivingTheCountryLife estimates that custom installation of five-strand barbed wire fence with alternating wood and steel posts every 12' . For material and labor was this a good price for 400-500ft?

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The average barbed wire fence installation cost for a five-strand fence measuring between 1,000 and 1,500 feet is approximately $1 to $3 per foot. Depending on local material and labor costs, however, you could end up paying as much as $5 

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labor cost was not factored into the total cost, assuming that the landowner will be responsible for construction. More information on Field fence. barbed wire. cost per item. cost per item. Shovel. 21.99. 21.99. Post hole digger. 29.99. 29.99.

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24 May 2012 While most ranchers want their fences to look good, they are more interested in the fence doing the job at the least cost. The most common fence used on ranches today is the standard four-strand or five-strand barbed wire 

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11, Estimated fence Miles: 1.58, Estimated fence Miles: 1.58. 12, Miles of fence: 18, barbed wire cost ($/Roll):, $54.00, Insulator cost (Ea):, $0.12. 19, Feet per 45, Total Fencing cost per Mile: $5,444, labor: 1.00, $911. 46, Adjustment 

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although prices may vary with location. labor cost was not factored into the total cost, assuming that the landowner will be responsible for construction. Table 1. Average cost of materials by fence type. List of Tools. Field fence. barbed wire.

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29 Feb 2012 labor costs, based on last year's Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey, added up to $15.05/hour for woven wire fencing The estimated $1,947.75/quarter mile cost of a 5-wire barbed-wire fence takes into account the following:.

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fence cost 61, Total Material costs, $3,217.90. 62. 63, barb wire - $3217.90 ÷ 5280 ft per mile = 60.9 ¢ per foot. 64. 65, Extra Gates, $25 25, Material & Labour cost, $0.00, $8,723.50, $2,489.99, $0.00. 26. 27, Additional Items, cost/unit 

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4, •, fence Construction Materials cost (base cost for all budgets). 5, •, Conventional Woven wire fence. 6, •, High Tensile Fixed Knot fence. 7, •, HIGH TENSILE NON-ELECTRIC. 8, •, HIGH TENSILE ELECTRIC. 9, •, barbED wire.

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18 Jan 2018 Most homeowners do not need three acres of barbed wire fencing. When you purchase smaller quantities, barb wire fence costs are priced by foot. With professional labor included, bared wire fences cost between $0.50 and 

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1, Power fence cost Estimate. 2, Farmer's Name, 0. 3 22, wire, labor, Equipment. 23, Power fence 15. 16. 17, LIST OF MATERIALS. 18, Units, Number, Number if Different, 0. 19, wire. 20, barbed wire, Rolls, 0.00, 0. 21, Net wire, Rolls 

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HomeAdvisor's barb wire fence Guide provides average prices by foot or roll of wire, including types like razor and Staples/Clips, 10 lb. $1.80 per pound, $18. labor/Equipment, 39 hrs. $16.25 per hour, $634. TOTAL cost, $1,552 or $1.18 

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Learn about estimating machines, material requirements and the labour required to build one mile of fence. All costs are costs are estimated for barbed wire, electric, and high tensile fence. Table 2: cost to build barbed wire fence ($/mile) 

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Table I. cost estimates for one-quarter mile of barbed wire fence (four strands) with two H-braces. No. of Units per 545. ($0.41/ft). labor Charges: labor for fence line. 1,320 ft. $ 0.28-0.75. $ 0.45. $ 594. H-brace labor. 2. $. 18-100. $ 42.50.

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labor was valued at $15.05 per hour for woven wire and $16.25 per hour for barbed wire, the average fence building custom charges reported in AgDM File A3-10, 2011 Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey. These charges include the cost of 

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HomeAdvisor's fence cost Guide provides average fencing quotes by material and size, including the cheapest and most expensive types to build. Calculate barbed wire fencing costs $1,200 to $3,500 to install, at a rate of $1 to $6 per foot.