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Premium American Made Waterproof Deck Coatings from Ames

Waterproof your deck with Ames deck coating and rest assured that your deck will be protected from moisture. Ames® Super Elasto-Barrier® is an elastomeric waterproof rubber basecoat for concrete, plywood and hard-to-stick surfaces.

Pli-Dek System - Over Plywood - Pli-Dek

Waterproof deck coatings. Pli-Dek · Con-Dek · Dek C-Ment · HD-250 · HD-215 The PLI-DEK™ waterproof deck system for plywood substrates has been ICC-ES evaluated since 1980. The system utilizes a 2.5 galvanized metal lath and a 

Wood Deck Sealer and Repair SANI-TRED® Plywood Deck Repair

plywood deck repair is made simpler with the help of the products at SANI-TRED! Sani-Tred's traditional wood deck coatings will renovate, waterproof, and repair any traditional wood deck, while maintaining its performance for the life of the 

Get Your Plywood Ready For Waterproofing - Pli-Dek

23 Sep 2016 Preparing a plywood deck for waterproofing installation is the first step in preserving a plywood decking project. Rot; Mold; Warping; Mildew; Curling or peeling away of adhered surface materials such as linoleum or paint.

Building Waterproof Roof Decks Professional Deck Builder

21 Jul 2014 The coating to be applied will dictate the specific type of plywood. For example, vinyl and urethane coverings require smooth sanded panels devoid of defects, while exterior Grade Exposure 1 panels can be used for the 

Spray texture overlay/cement coating on a plywood deck - Pinterest

Spray texture overlay/cement coating on a plywood deck. The Right Steps On Building deck Stair Railing With Balcon The Right Steps on Building deck Stair Railing exterior Stairs‚ Cedar deck Railing‚ Vinyl Handrail along with Stairss 

How to Paint Exterior Plywood DoItYourself

This type of plywood is the perfect material for building different projects, such as sheds, decks, and outdoor furniture. However, painting exterior plywood is trickier than painting regular plywood. Read these tips before attempting to paint 


PROJECT TYPE: Multi-Family TYPE OF WORK: Replacement of exterior plywood balconies. SIZE: 540 Units / 1,080 decks NUMBER OF STORIES: 3. DEVELOPER: KB Home WATERPROOFING CONTRACTOR: Joss Contracting

GacoDeck Kit · Gaco

Gacodeck<sup>®</sup> Kit is a water-borne, single component waterproof deck system that can be applied over plywood, concrete, metal, fiberglass and previously coated decks. The coating is designed to create a fully adhered, durable waterproof&nbsp;

Deck Coating Products GarageCoatings

Results 1 - 6 of 6 Our deck coating products include deck paint, fiberglass deck coatings, and metal lath products. Metal lath concrete deck coatings are an attractive and economical way to protect plywood decks from wear and damage.

Coating - Life Deck

Protect and beautify your plywood and concrete balcony decks with a waterproof deck coating installed by Life deck. Designed by some of the most experienced technicians in the industry, our waterproofing systems provide reliable moisture&nbsp;

MiraFlex II Decking System – Miracote

Miracote MiraFlex II decking System is a multi-layered promenade deck coating consisting of formulated resins, cementitious MiraFlex II finished promenade roof deck, with proper preparation, can be applied over concrete, magnesite, elastomeric decking or plywood. a waterproof promenade traffic roof deck surface coating for use on exterior or interior walking decks, balconies, ramps, stairs, patios,&nbsp;

Kote-A-Deck Granulated Exterior Non-Skid Liquid Rubber Coating

Ames® Kote-A-deck® is a pure, water based, environmentally friendly, adhesive acrylic latex safety paint that is skid resistant.

Resurfacing plywood deck with Restore completed project - YouTube

13 Aug 2013 This is the finished deck using the "Rust-Oleum Restore" for a finish. Resurfacing plywood deck with Restore completed project Honestly this is simply a heavily gritted paint and it only sticks to things as good as paint.

Iso-Flex Plywood Deck Coating Ssytem - LymTal

Iso-Flex plywood deck systems utilize the latest in nanotechnology ensuring advanced The Iso-Flex plywood deck coating system can be applied with a two-step plywood must be a marine or exterior grade product. Moisture content&nbsp;

Safe-T-Deck Granulated Exterior Non-Skid Liquid Rubber Coating

Ames® Safe-T-deck® is a pure, water based, environmentally friendly, adhesive acrylic latex safety paint that is skid resistant.

Deck Coatings: Waterproofing coatings for decks, balcony, parking

Discount waterproof coatings for decks, balconies, garages, walkway, basements and pools, waterproof, coating, deck should be constructed of exterior grade plywood, 3/4" minimum thickness, tongue and groove, knot free on outside face.

Gaco Western GacoDeck Coating - Kit - World of Stains

Unsuitable grades are interior grade plywood with or without exterior glue, and underlayment grade plywood, such as "C/C exterior," OSB, Waferboard and Exposure I markings. Do not use unsuitable grades and Gaco deck is NOT&nbsp;

Preserve and Protect Your Plywood Roof Deck From Water Damage

See the products and resources you need for your plywood roof deck project. NOTE: The Peel-And-Stick Seam Tape may show a slight line radiating through coating. Step 2: Apply 2 gallons per 100 sq. ft. Super Elasto-Barrier and embed&nbsp;

Sealing Plywood Decks with Ames Research - Ames Coatings

Looking for deck coating to protect your plywood deck from the elements? Ames is here to help you with the process of waterproofing your plywood deck!

Compare Waterproof Deck Coatings Solutions - DecksGo

Compare the most popular deck coatings for creating waterproof deck surfaces. Waterproof deck coatings are an alternative way to seal and make a waterproof deck. It is quite simple to apply and goes directly on plywood decking.