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6 ways to redesign your balcony Home & Decor Singapore

8 Jan 2016 How you can redesign your balcony to become part of a bigger living area. 6 creative things to do with a HDB flat's balcony. Renovation: How to deal with a leaky balcony or balcony decking - which material works best?

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5 Bountiful Balcony Ideas from the Singapore Garden Festival Contest

30 Jul 2016 5 Bountiful balcony Ideas from the singapore Garden Festival Contest The display should encourage a cohesive integration of landscape and interior design, and aim at promoting horticultural excellence with a 'liveable 

How to grow an edible garden Home & Decor Singapore

8 Apr 2017 It's a romantic ideal, to be able to grow your own produce so that you can know exactly what you're putting into your body, but with many urban farming kits available on the market growing your own edible garden is becoming 

Shade your balcony from the sun with outdoor blinds. Your options

17 Dec 2015 The sunlight coming into my balcony can be quite harsh, and I would like to get outdoor blinds. Are bamboo chick blinds suitable? What are other alternatives that will withstand the sun and rain? Also, how do I maintain them?


We use cookies to make sure you get the best experience on our website. Welcome to IKEA singapore . We tried out three different storage and display ideas with this 5x5 cubed unit You don't need a garden, or even a balcony, to get the benefits of the great outdoors in the city – try turning a window into a re

Outdoor Blinds Singapore - Best Outdoor Roller & Bamboo Blinds in

18 Dec 2013 We offer the best quality outdoor blinds in singapore at an affordable price. Looking for outdoor blinds for your balcony, patio or shop front? At Soon Seng Heng we are the leading outdoor blinds specialist in singapore.

What Plants to Choose for Your Balcony Garden - Houzz

15 Dec 2017 Low-growing plants are ideal, while anchors may be necessary for smaller pots. With singapore's temperature being fairly consistent year round, the temperature in your balcony will mostly depend on how shaded it is, and what Do you want plants to screen off your balcony for privacy or extra shade?

Keeping Balconies as Semi-Outdoor Spaces - DC.connect

Highlight the restrictions on balcony enclosures at the showflat, and install a mock-up of the approved balcony screen owners would have a choice to install suitable covers [as well as the approved balcony screening] for these balconies.

Where to buy outdoor furniture for the balcony Home & Decor

23 Mar 2018 If you have the luxury of an outdoor space in your home, such as in the balcony, make full use of it, and furnish it with stylish furniture perfect for the outdoors. Here, we select some of the most stylish we found: Bells Side Table, 

DYNING Balcony privacy screen - white - IKEA

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5 Condo Showflat Ideas You Want To Steal Lookboxliving

19 May 2015 We love how the dining table now stretches from the allocated dining room to the outdoor balcony. We can imagine throwing The ladder that gives access to the upper bunk doubles as display shelves. RiverbankFernvale 

10 best products for balcony gardens The Independent

10 Jun 2014 Be it edible or ornamental, the range of products designed for balcony gardening is expanding. Lightweight, durable and stylish containers, cleverly designed space saving tools and growing kits mean your could soon be 

20 cute and creative ideas for your small balcony or terrace - homify

18 Mar 2017 Living in a large city such as singapore, balconies and terraces offer us a chance to reconnect with nature. The perfect place to enjoy one's domestic life, a terrace is an area that provides an array of possibilities and living 

13 balcony designs that'll put you at ease instantly Home & Decor

15 Jul 2016 If you live alone and a narrow balcony like this is only yours to enjoy, try decking it out with a slightly 13 balcony designs that'll put you at ease instantly balcony design 1. 3. . balcony decking - which material works best?

An unbelievably simple Ikea Hack that will cool your living room

14 May 2015 An unbelievably simple Ikea Hack that will cool your living room – DIY Privacy Door Screen. May 14, 2015 Quest for the “ideal” Solution Begins.. We had quite a fair bit of Images from Ikea singapore. After some analysis 

7 Planter Box Renovation Ideas for Singapore Balconies - Absolut

If you own a condominium apartment or Executive Condominium (EC) apartment in singapore, you will be familiar with the term “Planter box”. secondly, if the correct type of plants are used, they act as a screen for privacy and provides some respite from the strong sun. ledge after a long day's work with a glass of wine and gaze out into the night sky, this may not be the best option for your balcony.

13 SMALL Homes so beautiful you won't believe they're HDB flats

19 Mar 2014 It is in fact a display shelf, which was the initial source of inspiration for the home's interior design. White brick walls, concrete surfaces and hollow block partitions. There is really no end to designers' beautiful creations. interior 

Where to buy plants for your home? Home & Decor Singapore

24 Jun 2016 (Photo: Pexels). Whether you are just looking for a few easy to care for plants, pots and supplies to freshen up your balcony or have a major landscaping project, we've found gardening centres all around singapore that can 

Home tips: How to dress up your balcony Home & Decor Singapore

30 May 2016 You can get some ideas on how to turn your balcony into a beautiful retreat at the singapore Garden Festival when it There will be only one Best of Show medal, given to a gold-medal balcony garden that has the highest Singapore Property for Sale & for Rent - Condo, HDB

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